Steve Nash: Is he the answer for the Los Angeles Lakers?

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Steve Blake is nearing a return to the Los Angeles Lakers starting five but will his return fix the Lakers continuing problems?

Nash will make a huge difference yes to the offense, it will free up Kobe Bryant  from ball handling duties but Nash will not be the cure to stop opponents from scoring.

The offense will be me more consistent and efficient and the Lakers will start getting nearer the projected total of 100 points per game but it will not solve the lack of defense and the inability to come together as a unit at the back court.

The Lakers are giving up to many points despite being able to put up decent numbers in some of the games so far.

Yes Nash will come back with his leadership qualities and his return should give Mike D’Antoni some more time to stamp his authority on the side. We saw with the Phoenix Suns the reason why they did well was because Nash was on the floor.

The defense is a problem yes, but for me the major problem is the lack of intensity shown on the court. With regards to Nash’s leadership qualities if on his return he brings back with him the passion, enthusiasm, intensity, where every play has that I care deeply about the result then the Lakers will be better off.

Laker fans cannot expect an instant impact on his return in my opinion, D’Antoni needs to install a system which best suites his players, not hope that his players suit his system.

What will save the Lakers, concentrate on defense, despite the fact that he is relatively bad shooter Jordan Hill needs to have more minutes, defensive rebounds need to be gained and Hill is being underutilized.

Going back to the energy levels one man who needs to up his game is Pau Gasol. He plays with no effort and no energy, something which is in contrast to the energetic Hill who I feel can offer more to this team defensively.

So the question of will Nash improve the Lakers is that he will certainly help the team out but he will not be the answer, the main issues that still need to be addressed are the too many turnovers given up, missed free throw shots, lack of sustained effort from game to game and an inconsistent bench. If we see these addressed then maybe we can see a successful show down in Los Angeles.

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