What Jamal Crawford Could Have Done for the Chicago Bulls

By Brendon Fitzsimons
Jayne Kamin-Oncea- USA TODAY Sports

Most NBA fans think of the Portland Trailblazers and the Los Angeles Clippers when they think of Jamal Crawford. They think of the high statistics he is putting up this season, they think about his legitimacy in the 6th man of the year conversation and they think about his place in the Clippers organization. What many fans don’t think and especially Chicago Bull’s fans don’t think, is that he could have been a Bull this season.

Crawford has seen his fair share of destinations during his career but he started his career in Chicago in 2000. 12 years later who knew that he could of had a shot to don their jersey once more? Unfortunately he -and the fans- didn’t see that wish come true. Instead we have watched as he has prospered with the Clippers.

So why didn’t the Bulls end up with Crawford? Simply put they didn’t offer him one thing: longevity. Crawford isn’t an old player, but he doesn’t want to pack up his things every season to fly to a new team, he wants a long contract so he can find some stability in his career. Unfortunately, the Bulls only had one-year contracts that they could deal out. Thus, Crawford goes to Los Angeles and they sign Nate Robinson in his stead.

It’s painful for Chicago fans to think what could have been, and in the last two years they have had plenty to think about ranging from the summer of LeBron James,to the summer of Dwight Howard and then this season with the free agency of James Harden. It seems that the Bulls front office didn’t even attempt to sign these players and Crawford can now be added to the list of players who have gotten away.

Now, he is a huge contributor for the Clippers and enjoying an eight-game winning streak all while compiling enough stats to make him a legitimate contender for the NBA’s 6th man of the year award. It would be nice to have him in the lineup that’s for sure. Not only would he offer a more stable of a player that both Richard Hamilton and Marco Belinelli do but he would also be a player who could create his own shot. Both are things the Bulls need badly. But instead, the Bulls can watch as Crawford spends the next four years in Los Angeles playing alongside All-Stars Blake Griffin and Chris Paul. 

Crawford is the epitome of players the Bulls failed to obtain and should serve as a painful reminder for fans of what could have been.

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