C.J. Miles Suddenly Playing Much Better For The Cleveland Cavaliers

By Nick Claussen
Howard Smith – USA TODAY Sports

Now this is the C.J. Miles that Cleveland Cavaliers fans were hoping they would see when the season started.

The Cavaliers signed Miles as a free agent in the off-season, but during the first 20 games or so of the year Cleveland fans were still waiting for the forward to show up. Miles had a few good games in the early going, but overall he shot poorly, turned the ball over a lot and was more disappointing than the last Indiana Jones movie.

During the last two games, though, Miles has looked like the player Cleveland fans were hoping they would see.

On Tuesday, Miles got his first start of the season and played a huge role in the team’s big win over the Los Angeles Lakers. Miles scored 26 points and looked great at times.

And then on Wednesday, Miles scored 16 of the Cavaliers first 20 points in the team’s tough loss to the Indiana Pacers. He also made 5 of his first 6 three-point attempts (while shooting 6 for 9 from beyond the arc for the game) and shot 4 for 4 from the free throw line.

As a starter, Miles is averaging 27 points per game and looks very good.

So what are Cavaliers fans supposed to believe? Can fans count on this new Miles to keep showing up or will the old Miles start coming back around?

Personally, I’m happy about the success, but I’m not a believer yet. I mean, after he had such a bad start to the year, his last two games have been more unbelievable than when Indiana Jones survived a nuclear blast by hiding inside a refrigerator in that last movie.

I think that Cavs fans will see a Miles that is somewhat in the middle. I guess you would call that a Half Miles.

It probably took Miles a little while to get used to playing with a new team, and when he had a couple of bad games it may have killed his confidence.

Getting the start this week seems to have helped his confidence, and scorers need to be sure of themselves if they are going to be effective.

Miles can do some good things and I believe he is going to help the Cavaliers improve this year. He’s not going to be scoring 20 points a game most night, but he likely will have more 20 points games and maybe some 30-point games if things go well. He may also have some 4-point games.

I like Miles even with the good and the bad nights, though. And I think that Cavaliers fans will see more good nights than bad nights out of him the rest of the season.

Now if we can just hope that the next Indiana Jones movie will be good….


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