Chicago Bulls: Eric Gordon for Luol Deng?

By meganhuston
Derrick E. Hingle-US Presswire

I’ll be the first to admit the Chicago Bulls are going to have to get another superstar alongside Derrick Rose in order for the Bulls to make a serious push at a championship. But, how far is Chicago willing to go in order to make this happen?

It’s been talked about for weeks now of the Bulls possibly being front runners in acquiring 23-year old shooting guard Eric Gordon from the New Orleans Hornets.

Now what do we know about Gordon?

Well, he hasn’t played a single game this season, and only played nine of a possible 67 games since arriving in New Orleans. Gordon has been sidelined due to a knee injury and while the Hornets’ doctors insist there’s no structural damage and he’s close to returning he has yet to suit up and play.

Some insiders say that Gordon wants out of New Orleans; him riding the bench has nothing to do with injury but instead it’s because the Hornets didn’t match his offer sheet. Either way Gordon will be on the trade market come December 15th and some believe the Bulls are one of the few teams that have the resources to pick up him.

It’s been proposed that Chicago could do a straight trade for Eric Gordon by giving up Luol Deng.

Now if Gordon was healthy I’d say do it, because him in the back court with Derrick Rose? Deadly. However, I don’t believe Gordon is completely healthy. If he’s healthy why hasn’t he played a single game this season? And maybe he does want out of New Orleans…but why? With the young talent the Hornets have in Anthony Davis and Austin Rivers why would he want to leave and walk away from $58 million over four years?

It just doesn’t add up, and with all the injuries the Bulls have had this season the last thing they need is to trade a perfectly healthy Deng for a player we haven’t seen play since early last season. On top of that when Rose finally does return he’s going to need time to work himself back into the player he was prior to injury. The Bulls don’t need two injury recovering guards.

Bottom line I’m not sold on Gordon, and I firmly believe the Bulls don’t need the liability or uncertainty. If the Bulls trade for Gordon they will end up like the  Philadelphia 76ers trading for a “franchise player” only to find out his knees are shot.

Don’t do it Chicago.

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