Is Dwight Howard Really As Good We Think?

By Jamieson Welsh
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

When the Los Angeles Lakers acquired Dwight Howard in the offseason via trade, everyone was instantly expecting a championship. At worst, Howard is considered to be a top five player in the NBA. He has won defensive player of the year three times in a row and has led a team to the finals.

Howard hasn’t shown that type of dominance so far with the Lakers that we saw when he was a member of the  Orlando Magic. We don’t know if it is health or just the team but he isn’t the same player. Howard is also getting acclimated to a new role as well and is playing with a brand new team and also a second coach in a six week time span.

The question has come about during the Lakers recent struggles are Dwight Howard overrated? That answer is loaded because he is a player that relies on others to get him the basketball in his comfort spots. On defense he is still dominant on that side of the ball and he’s not 100% yet.

The biggest problem for Howard is that he is often compared to Shaquille O’Neal and that’s unfair. The two players are totally different and have complete opposite skill sets, even though they are both dominant in their own special ways.

Howard is the best big man in the game but critics expect more from him. A lot of media and fans are expecting him to be the new age Shaq or Hakeem Olajuwon and that’s just not the case.

Howard is a unique player with a different skill set than any other big in the league. Instead of always trying to make him someone he’s not we have to appreciate the player he is. Howard is still growing as a player and is far from a finished product.

When it comes to the debate is Howard overrated or not just ask yourself this, whomever you think is better than him would that team trade their center straight up for Howard if that team had the opportunity to do so?

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