Los Angeles Lakers Struggles Reach a Breaking Point

By Lee Treble
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

I’m sick of writing about this team. Quite frankly, this is not the team I signed up writing for three weeks ago.

How do you write about a team that is 9-14 and have lost four games in a row? How do you write about a team that repeats the same trends for the last 10 games? How do you analyze Kobe Bryant taking 24 shots and fadeaway 3-pointers while Dwight Howard has shot attempts the entire night? How do analyze that the Los Angeles Lakers are 1-10 when Kobe shoots more than 20 shots a game?  How do you write about an incomplete team that is without their “leader” Steve Nash and draw any real conclusions about their struggles?

Coach Mike D’Antoni had a .320 winning percentage as  a head coach before Nash arrived to the Phoenix Suns in 2004 and an even worse record after leaving the Suns for the New York Knicks. How do you write about that?

The most surprisingly struggling championship contenders of this season, the  9-14 Lakers have yet to put together a competitive full 48 minute game under new coach  D’Antoni.  The Lakers are being piled on like a fumble in an NFL football game, as if there isn’t 59 games left in the regular season. The Lakers are in the midst of  fundamental deficiencies on the court and total media anarchy off of it. And for once, I can’t even defend nor analyze this team today nor do I feel like doing so.

I am track two off of hip-hop mogul’s Jay-Z opus “What More Can I Say” right now. I’m just going to be quiet, and let the chips fall where they lay.  I am Maximus in the middle of the Gladiator ring after slaying another gladiator. “Are you not entertained? Is this why you are here?”

I am not pulling a Magic Johnson and giving up on the Lakers before halftime on a public forum.

But I am going to pull  a Spike Lee, and simply do the right thing.

And shut up for once and let this beating the Lakers are taking breathe…

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