Phoenix Suns' Alvin Gentry assured his job is safe

By David Charnley
Mark.J.Rebilas-US Presswire

Despite the struggling form of the Phoenix Suns, Alvin Gentry has been assured that his job for the time being is safe.

This is normally seen as a ‘kiss of death’ but Robert Sarver the managing partner at the Suns has said Gentry will not be losing his job.

Not only did Sarver say that his job was safe at the moment it would be for the entirety of the season. On so many occasions in the world of sports when a coach has been assured his job is safe, bang he is sacked.

“Gentry is not an issue for us this year,” Sarver said.

“We’re not looking to make a coaching change.” Most recently Jim Buss spoke about ‘patience’ being the key at the Los Angeles Lakers, the next day Mike Brown was sacked.

It wouldn’t be the first time either that Sarver has made a comment, later to go back on his word. Remember when he said Shawn Marion would not be traded, only two weeks later and that trade was agreed.

Without a clear superstar on the roster in Phoenix and fans seemingly turning their back on the team, it is expected that fans will have a mixed view on the work that Gentry is doing.

The comments made by Sarver has cemented Gentry to the position for the foreseeable future unless of a catastrophic disaster.

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