Washington Wizards Give A John Wall Update

By Thomas Jones


Evan Habeeb – US Presswire

After 11 weeks of semi patiently waiting to know when John Wall would return to the court the Washington Wizards finally gave us an update. Was it the one we wanted to hear? Not really.

I want to hear about Wall getting on the court with his teammates trying to salvage another season gone wrong. I want to see what improvements Wall made in his game this summer. I want to see if Wall makes the game easier for prized rookie Bradley Beal. Most importantly, I just want to see if Wall is truly healthy.

I have seen players not live up to potential on this team for years. Wall happens to be one of those players that comes across as a not only a competitive guy, but one that is willing to do whatever is necessary for his team to win. How can you not like that about the star player of your team? That is what every coach wants out of his point guard. That is what every owner wants out of the player they invested a number one pick on.

When you are a number one pick, you know you are going to a bad team. Being a number one pick and going to a team that saw it’s highest paid player draw guns in the locker room the season before added to the already high demand of being the top pick. Wall was looked at as the savior for a franchise that was slow to clean up the mess it helped create prior to his arrival. Lets not forget the lockout shortened second season where Wall was criticized for not showing improvement from his rookie season, even though he was a 20 year old millionaire, on his own, no professional guidance. Getting by on pure talent since high school, how was he suppose to know how to improve?

This year was the year we all had been waiting for. This was supposed to be the year where Wall not only showed us he had the heart to lead this franchise out of the basement of the NBA but show us he had the talent. This was the year! Well, we thought this was year anyway.

So as Wall begins ramping up his physical activity in hopes of returning this season pain and injury free, I’ll be counting down the days until he is a free agent and chooses to take his talents elsewhere and blossom.  That is the John Wall update I know is inevitable.

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