1-On-1 Series: Carmelo Anthony vs. Kevin Durant

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Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Durant are the two best pure scorers in the NBA. Anthony is scoring 27.9 PPG in 2012-13, with Durant (27.5 PPG) behind him by a miniscule decimal. A game between these two would certainly not lack for offensive firepower.

I give Durant the nod in the rebounding category strictly because of his length and athletic ability. He has 8 RPG compared to Anthony’s 6 RPG this season, but Durant (6’9, 235) is also taller and heavier than Anthony (6’8, 230).

Anthony gets the edge on defense, though. Throughout his career, he has shown flashes of being an elite defender, but under Mike Woodson as a member of the New York Knicks, Anthony has been playing like one of the better defensive players in the NBA. Durant, on the other hand, is not an elite defender, but he is no slouch, either. However, I give Anthony the nod as both a post and perimeter defender.

Both of these two superstars are the best jump shooters in the NBA, but where Anthony has a major advantage over Durant is on the post. In a game of One-On-One, there is no one to pass the Durant the ball so he can step into his shot; everything is off the dribble or on the post. Anthony’s bread and butter is on the post (low or high, it doesn’t matter), and he would be able to back in Durant and hit those fall away jump shots that he loves so much.

FINAL SCORE: Carmelo Anthony 11 – Kevin Durant 9

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