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1-On-1 Series: Jeremy Lin vs. Russell Westbrook

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

You might think that since Russell Westbrook is more athletic than Jeremy Lin, that he would have a significant advantage in a game of one on one. However, although that it is true to a certain extent, athleticism wouldn’t play as much of a part in this game as one would think.

What this game would come down to is man to man defense and one on one dribble moves. Westbrook (averaging 20 PPG) scores mostly in transition, while Lin (averaging 11 PPG) scores mostly in pick and roll situations.

Being that the two players in this match up are PG’s, their stats almost go out the window. Having 8 APG or 6 APG, which is what Westbrook and Lin have, respectively, doesn’t matter in a one on one showdown.

Lin is listed as heavier than Westbrook, although they are the both 6’3. However, Westbrook is clearly more defined, athletic, and stronger than Lin. This game would really come down to whoever is able to beat their man off the dribble at a more consistent rate. Neither of the Western Conference PG’s have much of a post game, and both like to slide into and out of the paint and shoot, as opposed to being spot up shooters.

I like Lin as a player, but in a halfcourt, grind-it-out kind of battle, I have to give the nod to Westbrook. He would be able to have his way with Lin, who is not as skilled of a perimeter defender as Westbrook, off the dribble.

Westbrook doesn’t seem like the kind of player who will give in, either. He simply wouldn’t lose.


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