2013 NBA All-Star Ballots: Clippers' DeAndre Jordan Overlooked

By Kaylyn Neely
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA All-Star game is a flashy event. Kevin Love was reserve in the Western Conference last year and Jeremy Lin is creeping up to Chris Paul for the starting guard spot in the west this year because fundamentals and skill aren’t the main concern in All Star play.

Since every player nominated is talented, people vote based on factors largely unrelated to statistics. It’s the NBA’s very own popularity contest.

Some teams like Los Angeles Lakers had their entire starting line up nominated. While, Metta World Peace probably won’t earn a spot, at least it’s up to the fans and coaches to democratically select which players they want to make up the All-Star team.

When the Los Angeles Clippers All-Star nominees were selected, the panel overlooked one of the top frontcourt players in the entire league: DeAndre Jordan.

The Clippers Grant Hill and Chauncey Billups were both nominated. At the time of the All-Star ballot announcement, they had a combined playing time of zero minutes, while DJ, who both Paul and Shaquille O’Neal have praised as being a top center in the west and a possible All-Star candidate, was left out.

This is very odd indeed, as Hill was nominated for the frontcourt instead of Jordan, Hill hasn’t played and Jordan is having his best season.

In addition, it’s kind of insulting for the media panel to give the ballot to Hill because throughout the NBA, there are a lot of guys who didn’t receive a nominated who deserved it. On the Clippers alone, Eric Bledsoe and Jamal Crawford probably should have been included before Billups and Hill. The Clippers can’t win without Crawford. Bledsoe could request a trade and easily start for another team.

Hill, at 40-years old has already had his All-Star experience. When he more than earned the nomination.

Perhaps, due to the change in the front court set up and the steep competition for spots in the West, the selection panel didn’t want such a high concentration of Clippers in the All Star line up.

Likeable and athletic DJ might have gotten the node, as will the Clippers intense, flashy, athletic, media cash cow Blake Griffin and top point guard Paul.

With Love, Dwight Howard, the Gasol brothers, DeMarcus Cousins, Tim Duncan, Kevin Durant, Serge Ibaka and Dirk Nowitzki all in the west, the panel may have chosen to ensure variety, knowing Hill and Billeups aren’t serious contenders.

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