Dallas Mavericks Are "Three-less" After 13 Years

By Derek Ayala
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Do you remember 1999? It was the year that Bill Clinton was in the office, everybody was in line to get their hands on a Furby toy and it was the year that everybody was counting down to Y2K. 1999 was the year the Dallas Mavericks started a streak that would not be broken until last night, December 14, 2012.

On February 27, 1999, Michael Finley and Erick Strickland started the Mavs three-point streak. Every game since that date, the Mavs have hit a three-pointer at least once.

It was not until last night, against the Toronto Raptors, that the Mavs were not able to cash in a three pointer. That is a span of 13 years or 1,108 games.

The last time the Mavs did not score a three pointer in a game was on February 26, 1999. It was against the Utah Jazz and Dallas was not able to hit a three. In that game the Mavs were 0-8 from the three point field.

In last night’s game in Toronto the Mavs were 0-13 from behind the arc. Mostly because the Raptors were able to frustrate them which caused horrible shots by Dallas.

Now can the Mavs start a new streak and make it last another 13 years? It is possible, but it is something that this team should not really have to worry about.

When the Mavs have lost this season they have a tendency to try to get themselves out of it by shooting threes. It’s not a bad thing if they can hit it, but when they are stone cold from behind the arc it gets frustrating as a fan and as a columnist to watch.

They may have to wait until Dirk Nowitzki returns to the roster before the three point streak starts again. However, maybe O.J. Mayo will get out of this funk he is in right now and start a new streak for the Mavericks.

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