Washington Wizards Versus Miami Heat, Part II

By Thomas Jones


Thomas Campbell – US Presswire

Tonight the Washington Wizards take on the Miami Heat for the second time this season. This time, the Wizards travel to South Beach where the Heat will be looking to avenge the defeat to the Wizards just a few short games ago. The Heat have been known to play down to the level of it’s competition and pretty frankly have been on cruise control this season. I have a feeling tonight will be different.

The last game these two teams played was definitely a shocker. No one expected the Heat to lose to a team that only had one win in fourteen attempts. In order for the Wizards to pull off another defeat they will need more than just the cooperation of the Heat players, but a miracle from Santa Clause himself. The Wizards will need better ball movement on offense and sharper rotations on defense. Unlike last night, they can not allow a player to come off the bench and have a big game. Attempting to slow down Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh will already be a task of it’s own.

Randy Whittman has to find minutes for Cartier Martin and Sean Livingston tonight. Whittman has a tendency to allow players to play through long lulls instead of substituting back in a player that was on a roll. Bradley Beal needs to shake off the disappointing play of last night and get involved in the game from the outset. Jordan Crawford hasn’t been terrible running the point but he definitely has a habit of stalling the offense with his constant pounding of the basketball for most of the shot clock.

I don’t expect the Wizards to win tonight. I do want to see them play with the same sense of purpose they played with in the first game against the Heat and even for the first three quarters last night versus the Lakers.

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