Detroit Pistons' Lawrence Frank Using Fatigue As Excuse For Team's Struggles

By John Raffel
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Lawrence Frank admits one thing about his Detroit Pistons: they don’t handle fatigue very well.

The Pistons lost 88-77 to the Indiana Pacers Saturday night in NBA action and Frank basically blamed it on fatigue.

OK, that’s a good explanation, but what’s the solution?

None given.

“At the 8:23 mark in the fourth quarter, it’s a two-point game,” Frank said. “But we got stale, and you look at the amount of times we got into the paint, verse them, we just weren’t able to finish and deliver like they were. They got there a whole lot less, but basically, at the end of the day, got the same amount of paint points as we did with more attempts.”

The Pistons were outscored 25-17 in the fourth quarter. They were coming off a double overtime loss to the Brooklyn Nets the previous night. But these are professionals on the court and no one is going to feel sorry for them

“It’s amazing how momentum can change,” Frank said. “One made shot, one stop. Look, guys are tired, guys are always tired, but anyone can do it when they’re fresh. That’s the challenge, that’s how you win four games in five nights, that’s how you win after tough double-overtime (games). So you can see (tiredness), but also you have to fight as well.”

Here’s where the bad stuff comes in. Tayshaun Prince in 31 minutes scores four points. Jason Maxiell in 25 minutes scorres nothing. That’s a combined four points out of two starters.

No wonder the Pistons are 7-19.

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