Indiana Pacers Prospering From George Hill's Best Games Of Season

By John Raffel
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

George Hill has been delivering in a big way for the Indiana Pacers, and the Pacers guard is convinced his team is heading in the right direction and is in excellent shape to start making a move in the standings.

His team’s NBA victory Saturday night at Detroit against the Detroit Pistons put the Pacers at a three-game winning streak.

Hill after getting his first triple double the previous game against the Philadelphia 76ers, contributed 18 points and seven assists against the Pistons. Against the Sixers, he had 15 points, 10 assists and 10 rebounds

But he was especially encouraged with his team’s performance.

“We got off to a rough start this season with our road games,” Hill said. “We really had to drive to come back and get above .500 and it starts with tonight. As good as we can do right now, the better off we are going to be late in the season.”

If Hill stays a steady as he has been lately, then the Pacers are likely to keep winning on a huge scale.

Coach Frank Vogel would agree.

“It’s probably the best one of the year in terms of complete team effort, everybody having to fill in for guys being out and stepping up, and on both ends of the court; solid offensive night, 48 percent, and holding them to 38 percent,” he said.

Vogel is also getting excellent minutes from players like Paul George.

“Paul is one of those guys that I kind of feel like doesn’t really tire,” Vogel said. “It takes a lot to wear him down, it’s kind of like Luol Deng, and he can play 40 minutes a game. I just kept talking to him, communicated, seeing how he was feeling, watching his body language and his effectiveness. He stayed effective on both ends of the court, so I stayed with him.”

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