Washington Wizards: Almost Not Good Enough

By Thomas Jones


Evan Habeeb – US Presswire

The Washington Wizards tried with all of their might to defeat the Atlanta Hawks before falling in overtime 100-95. They had big contributions from main contributors and bench players alike but still fell short.

Jordan Crawford came ready to play tonight and attempted early to be more of a facilitator instead of scoring guard. Crawford also came ready to shoot as well firing up 22 shots but finished with his second career triple double and season high in points scored, 27 points, 11 rebounds, and 11 assists. Bradley Beal came out of the box on fire before cooling all the way down finishing with 17 points while little used Earl Barron came off the bench to finish the game with 4 points, 14 rebounds, and 4 blocks.

The defense played well in stretches. A big problem for the Wizards again tonight, turnovers. Sometimes they play so careless with the ball I know it irks every coach sitting on the bench. The basketball is to be valued. You miss a shot, fine. Turning the ball over before even getting a shot off is just deflating. It was one point where they came down and turned the ball over four times straight. That is just unacceptable. I’m also at a loss for some of Randy Whittman’s rotations. I understand coaches allowing certain players to work through slumps but on this team, you have to ride the hot hands. After Beal’s hot start, Whittman sat him for a long stretch of time resulting in Beal cooling off and he was never able to regain that touch. Whittman also kept inserting Kevin Seraphin in the game during important stretches even though he was struggling.

These are the losses that give fans ulcers. The losses that should have been wins but a few mental mistakes buried the hopes before the final whistle. I don’t believe in moral victories and as a professional athlete I hope the Wizards don’t either. Until they can get some of their better players back and healthy they need to learn how to close these types of games out.

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