Lack Of Energy Is Becoming The Main issue With The Los Angeles Lakers

By Jamieson Welsh


Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

During the first part of this early season, the Los Angeles Lakers have been battling a lot of issues. They have gone through a coaching change and injuries to key players, all while dealing with heavy expectations.

No matter what happens to the players or coaches, there is something that should never be in question or even a concern and that’s energy and passion. Every team has injury issues and other adversity but they seem to figure things out quite nicely and deal with it. This is the NBA; there are no excuses for playing with no energy.

For instance, look at the Chicago Bulls; they are missing their best player in Derrick Rose, but the team plays hard on both ends of the court on every possession. There’s no reason why the Lakers should have a record worse than the Bulls do at the moment.

Basketball comes down to energy and passion, and there are too many nights that these Lakers don’t show. There are too many good teams in this league that bring energy every night and the Lakers are too talented to slack off anymore.

One of the more frightening things I have observed with this team is that Kobe Bryant brings a high level of energy and passion every night but the others don’t. Usually when teams are sluggish they are that way because their best player doesn’t show up.

The issue here is that there’s not a whole lot of energy coming from any other areas. Outside of Jordan Hill, the team lacks someone who can consistently be counted on to provide that element.

The Lakers better find the energy and passion soon because they’re already in a hole. The good teams in this league find a way to play with heart, energy and passion no matter who is in the line-up. If these Lakers don’t figure out that they need to match their opponent’s energy, it’s going to be a short season and a long summer.

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