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Los Angeles Clippers Winning Streak Could Last A While Longer

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Clippers own a current 10 game winning streak, but this streak could last longer than you think. The streak started on Nov. 28 against the Minnesota Timberwolves and has a chance to extend into the new year.

Some people would argue that this streak hasn’t been much of a test for the Clippers, which could be true. They have beaten most of the teams on this winning streak pretty handily, winning six out of the ten games by double figures. The combined record of the 10 teams that they have played is a horrific 98-142. So I guess those people have a fair argument about this streak not being much of a test.

The Clippers’ next three games don’t get that much harder, either, when they take on the New Orleans Hornets, Sacramento Kings and the Phoenix Suns. Those teams have been a combined record of 22-50. This winning streak should extend past these three matches, which would knock off the teams’ previous franchise record winning streak of 11 games.

The schedule actually gets a bit tougher after those next three games, when they host the Denver Nuggets on Christmas Day and the Boston Celtics two days after that. Those teams have actually struggled so far this season, despite having high expectations coming into the year. The Clippers will obviously have the advantage while playing at the Staples Center and this streak could extend to 15 games.

It gets a lot tougher after the Celtics game though, when they play a back-to-back series against the Utah Jazz. That game will be played in Utah, which is one of the toughest places to play in the NBA. The last game of 2012 is two days after that on Dec. 30 against the Jazz again, but this time it would be at the Staples Center.

The Clippers streak could last into 2013, but a lot has to go right for that to happen. However, the franchise record of 11 consecutive wins should be broken this week. This streak has a chance to last a while longer with the Clippers playing at the highest level in franchise history.

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