Los Angeles Lakers Welcome Back Pau Gasol in Third Straight Win

By David Charnley
Troy Taormina-US Presswire

The Los Angeles Lakers welcomed back Pau Gasol on Tuesday night by winning their third successive game on the trot.

The big man’s return came in the narrow 101-100 victory against the Charlotte Bobcats at the Staples Center and his return was a major talking point.

The Spaniard has been in the headlines a lot this season, most of which not in a positive respect with possible trades being talked about as his form has not been what it used to be and is not cutting it in LA at the moment.

Naturally after coming back from injury Pau started the game off slowly but soon began to stamp his authority onto the game at both ends of the floor for the first quarter.

An earlier than usual departure was seen for Pau eventually coming back in at center to replace Dwight Howard. Here he showed more aggressiveness forcing him in to the paint straight away. With the game going down to the wire Gasol finished the game with 10 points, nine rebounds and five assists in just 29 minutes of play.

It would be foolish to look into these figures with any real authority, coming back from injury it is a decent return, but in the overall aspect of the season with regards to Gasol it is hard to judge.

The big man is having his worst season in the NBA and the biggest reason for that is his shooting, which has fallen to an all-time low of 41.4%.

Once again in the match up with the Bobcats, Gasol finished off with his shooting at 3-10. Gasol’s shooting was off once again early on, missed a number of open shots and couldn’t take advantage of the mid-range game.

The return of Gasol is going to have more positives than negatives and if he can get his game firing again it can only be a positive for the Lakers.

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