Los Angeles Lakers Much Needed Return of Steve Nash Set For Saturday

By David Charnley
Steve Miron-US Presswire


The Los Angeles Lakers are expected to welcome back Steve Nash on Saturday and the Lakers can start their season off once again.

The game against Golden State Warriors could see a full strength roster for the first time since October 31st which is an eternity away now. Back then Mike Brown was in charge, running a questionable Princeton offense and Jodie Meeks was deep in the Lakers bench.

The much awaited return of Nash will be a huge boost for the team but that is not saying that all of the team’s problems will be answered. His calming influence will have an effect on the team and teamed up once again with Mike D’Antoni the offense should really start to become more profitable.

The early season woes will be forgotten about, as Nash further continues with his fitness levels the team should finally see themselves rise to the positive side of .500. after the latest victory against the Charlotte Bobcats the Lakers are on a three game unbeaten run, the first of the season and Nash’s return could have come at exactly the right time to further ignite confidence in what has been a troubling team so far this season.

Saying that simply with Nash’s returning it won’t immediately solve all the problems, hard work in digging in is still needed both offensively and most particularly defensively. A lot of work is still left to do if pre-season predictions are to be lived up to.

The Los Angeles Lakers are a team which needs to find its strengths quickly if they are to catch up with the rest of the teams in the Western Conference.


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