Washington Wizards Take On Orlando Magic

By Thomas Jones
Douglas Jones – US Presswire

Not a soul would have thought that almost two months into this NBA season, the Orlando Magic would have almost the same record as the Los Angeles Lakers. Not one. Well, maybe the team in Orlando felt otherwise but that is it. I actually watched Orlando play a few times this season and I walked away thinking, “not bad.” Orlando isn’t the best team, far from the worst, and has learned to play within their capabilities.

The Washington Wizards, on the other hand…not so much. More than lack of talent, this team lacks mental toughness and awareness. Realism has to set in at some point with this team – they are not the most talented. When you lack the talent to get away without being perfect, you have to be, well, perfect. If you know taking 20-foot jumpers is not your area of expertise, don’t take 20-foot jumpers. It seems simple enough, but apparently it isn’t.

Tonight is another game the Wizards have a chance at winning but once again will probably lose. Neither team boasts a star to speak of (unless you ask Glen Davis). The difference between these two teams come down to coaching and awareness. Orlando’s players play within themselves and the system. Wizard players often do not. If you go look at all of the stats, Orlando and the Wizards are not that far apart on many of them. If you look at the records of both teams, you would think otherwise.

In order for the Wizards to win tonight they need to play within themselves. They need to make sure everyone who touches the floor tonight play with some sort of awareness. Piling up loses can’t be easy, but they have to stay within the moment mentally. Unless the stars align like it did for the Wizards’ other three victories, they will lose another game that should be winnable.

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