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2014 Draft Could Be Franchise Changing for Boston Celtics

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Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The 2014 season is obviously very far away, but the Boston Celtics need to figure out a way to get into that lottery pick area in order to get a top 13 draft pick. This is said because the amount of star power coming up in this draft class is insane. The draft class could include top current high school players Noah Vonleh, Jabari Parker, Andrew Wiggins, Julius Randle and more. All of those guys have the potential to be franchise type players and the Celtics could certainly use another guy in that mold once Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce retire.

The problem is that the Celtics could very much end up like the Portland Trailblazers the next few years: not a playoff team but not a team bad enough to finish in the lottery. Those are the worst types of situations for a general manager because if you are not going to make the playoffs, you are better off finishing with as high a draft pick as possible.

If a team finishes the season 36-46, that has to be painful to a franchise because if they finished just a few games worse, they would have ended up with a higher pick. This is not to suggest that teams should tank games. It is just more reflective of the current state of the NBA.

It is obviously incredibly difficult to predict where the Celtics will be two years from now, but if they can figure out some way to get a higher draft pick in 2014, they would benefit greatly from that type of move.


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