Boston Celtics: Avery Bradley's Value

By Rob Lunder
Boston Celtics, Avery Bradley
Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

What is Boston Celtics guard Avery Bradley’s value league wide?  If the Celtics were to trade him, what would they get in return?  It is really hard to assess his value because he has really only played for a half a season.  He took Boston by storm last year and became an instant fan favorite.  Impressive on defense, he also displayed an ability to hit the outside shot and if he can continue to improve in that area, then he has a very promising future in this league.

It is hard to assess exactly what he is worth because how can you measure someone who can play lock down defense on the likes of Kobe Bryant and Deron Williams?  Technically, if he gets a steal that will count in the box score, but playing effective defense for a whole game very rarely can be shown in the box score.

The Celtics would have to be absolutely blown away to trade Bradley.  The only way they would do it is if they got a legitimate upgrade in return, and in particular, in the front court.  If the Phoenix Suns offered Marcin Gortat straight up for Bradley, the Celtics would have to ask for more. Bradley is still on the upside while Gortat is ultimately at the stage in his career where he is what he is. That is no disrespect to Gortat, as he is a really good player, it is just difficult to trade up and coming players for guys who have hit their ceilings and we know who and what they are.

Bradley is a valuable commodity in this league and is one of those players who is extremely difficult to evaluate.


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