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Changes Coming for Boston Celtics?

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What can the Boston Celtics do to shake things up?  What is the type of move the organization could make to jump start the team?  Is there anything internally they can do?

The only thing within the organization that could really be a game changer is bringing Fab Melo up from the developmental league and playing him meaningful minutes.  The problem is that Melo isn’t a good player so you would then be giving minutes to a guy who doesn’t deserve them.

Perhaps moving Jeff Green to the starting lineup could shake things up, but the problem again is that he isn’t very good and doesn’t have the ability to cover power forwards for a whole game.  Can you imagine Green having to guard Kenneth Faried for a whole game?  Faried would eat him alive and would give him aches and bruises all over his body. 

Avery Bradley’s return certainly could provide the spark needed to get this team going, but ultimately, the biggest shakeup would be in the form of a trade.  Think the Antoine Walker reunion a few years ago or the Rodney Rogers-Tony Delk trade with the Phoenix Suns so many years ago.  Before the return of Walker, the Celtics were having a good season but did not have the guy that could put them over the top.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that Walker was that guy, but he was legitimate enough as a player to help the team go far, and that he did, taking the Celtics within one series of the NBA Finals.

The biggest shakeup this team needs is a major trade.  Only time will tell if this actually happens.


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