It May Be Time For The Dallas Mavericks To Rebuild

By Derek Ayala
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Since the 2000-01 season the Dallas Mavericks have always made the post-season. However, this season it could end.

For the first time in over a decade it may be time to start rebuilding for the future. As hard as it is to accept the fact that the Mavs are in need to rebuild, the truth is that even with the talent they have right now it is not enough to compete for a championship with the power in the NBA, especially in the West, getting stronger.

There is only two ways that the Mavs will not have to rebuild. One is they catch “lightning in a bottle” this post-season. Another way is somehow they land Dwight Howard. If either the two happens then the Mavs will not even consider in rebuilding their team.

However, this could be the first time in the “Mark Cuban era” that it may be time to rebuild. Cuban does not think that it is time to do so and that is because of his hope of Dirk Nowitzki ability to turn the team around.

Nowitzki has been great for this team. With “father time” doing it’s work there is no way that Nowitzki is able to carry this team by himself again.

He has already said that he plans on playing a few more years after his contract is up. That means that he will be there until 2016 which will make him 37 years old. As much as Nowitzki has helped this team there is still no way that he is able to carry a team at that age by himself.

Also, even with O.J. Mayo on the team now, who knows if he will keep up his all-star play. Mayo has played great early on this season, but he could turn out like he was during his last few years with the Memphis GrizzliesMayo was great his first two years in Memphis, but started to decline the last two years he was there. That same pattern could happen with the Mavs.

Lets say that the Mavs miss the post-season this year. If that happens then what big name free agent would want to come to Dallas knowing that their superstar is close to retirement? Exactly.

That means that the Mavs will have pretty much the same team next year. That’s if they re-sign Darren Collison, Elton Brand or Chris Kaman during the summer.

Cuban knows what he is doing and he knows how to spend money when need be. He has put together a team for the past decade. Ever since he bought the team in 2001 the Mavs have always had a winning season and post-season action.

Mavs fans need to have faith in Cuban if they do decide to rebuild. It will not take long for him to bring the Mavs back to a playoff contender. Nowitzki is not going anywhere and he will retire as a Maverick. Unless he demands a trade himself since Cuban will not deal him off somewhere else.

It depends on how this season and off-season turns out for them. If they sign a “big fish” like Howard, then rebuilding will be out the window. However, if this team turns out the same next year then it will be time to start rebuilding for Dallas.

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