Linsanity Is Over In NBA

By Andy Schmidt
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Last season saw one of the brightest lights shine in the National Basketball Association in recent years when Jeremy Lin burst onto the scene for the New York Knicks. There was that magical month or so where Lin was the talk of the NBA and every sports talk show all over the country. The problem though is now that Lin was traded and has moved on to the Houston Rockets, the Linsanity is over.

Lin is averaging just over 11 points a game for a Houston team that is 13-12 on the season and not setting the world on fire. I’m not saying Lin is a bad player. He is in fact a very decent NBA point guard, but the attention that was refocused on Lin this week when the Rockets played the Knicks was unwarranted.

The great nights of Lin lighting up Madison Square Garden with 30-point, 15-assist nights are over now. Lin has moved to a whole different conference in fact. Lin has become the NBA’s version of Tim Tebow, a player with too much hype who doesn’t deserve it.

Lin will have a solid NBA career, probably averaging about what he is now. That is perfectly fine as long as the team is winning but if things go south in Houston, so will the fans’ love for Lin. It is a painful sight for many fans to see that Lin just isn’t doing what he did last season and the fun is now over. It’s time as a sports society to back off the Linsanity.

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