Los Angeles Clippers Becoming Team To Beat In Western Conference

By Andy Schmidt
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There have been decades of bad basketball played by the Los Angeles Clippers organization. The Clippers though began their turnaround in earnest last season and now this season have won 11 straight games after a win on Wednesday night. Could this Clippers team be the best in the Western Conference?

The team is led by players like Blake Griffin and Chris Paul and honestly I’m not sure if there is another combo in the National Basketball Association like them at point guard and power forward. That is what makes the Clippers so dangerous with what Paul can do at the point and the fact that Griffin is dunking every other play it seems.

Griffin will break a backboard one of these days I’m sure of it. With a 19-6 record and giving up the fourth-fewest points in the NBA, I don’t think many teams can stop the Clippers now. That is a welcome change from the domination of the Los Angeles Lakers in the City of Angels over the last three decades.

The only team that should give the Clippers trouble is the Oklahoma City Thunder and I do think that will be the matchup in the Western Conference Finals when springtime gets here. Those two teams may give fans a thrilling six or seven game series that will be close each game. The Clippers just have to hope to stay healthy and continue to play the way they have been during this long winning streak, which has tied the franchise record. It continues to be a Los Angeles-dominated sports world.

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