The Chicago Bulls Consider Waiving Nate Robinson

By meganhuston
Rob Grabowski-US Presswire

Outside of the occasional ill-advised 20-footers, or unnecessary celebrations after almost every play good or bad; Nate Robinson has played well for the Chicago Bulls this season, but has he played well enough to keep him on the Bulls’ roster?

Chicago’s front office has openly admitted they are considering waiving Robinson, but why?

The Bulls are currently over the luxury tax by about 3.2 million; waiving Robinson before Jan. 10th would keep Chicago from paying his contract guarantee without any penalties. But even then that’s not enough to make a real difference in the Bulls tax situation. So tell me again why would they waive him?

Robinson has been a much needed spark off the bench averaging 10.8 points and 3.8 assists; out playing Kirk Hinrich who Chicago traded for in the offseason to fill in for the injured Derrick Rose. Waiving Robinson might ease the pressure on Hinrich, because lets be honest Hinrich has underachieved, however, the Bulls’ were hell bent on signing him; but what happens when a player like Robinson is outplaying “your guy”?

The NBA is much like investment banking. You make an investment and you stick with it, but if something is threatening that investment you attempt to find a way to stop it. Hinrich was that off season investment for Chicago, but Robinson seems to be challenging that move. So now what?

Or perhaps it’s the emergence of Marquis Teague, that’s raising consideration for parting ways with Robinson. Teague is young, and has proved valuable to the Bulls’ offense as of late. At 19-years-old Teague has showed poise, and control under the NBA spotlight, but is that enough to waive the veteran Robinson?

Whatever the reason; Robinson’s days in Chicago could be drawing to a close. You can question his shot selection at times, but one thing you will never question is his heart and his ability to play hard every single minute he’s on the court. Are the Bulls really willing to give that up over a couple bucks?

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