Cleveland Cavaliers Have A Chance To Finish 2012 With Some Wins And Momentum

By Nick Claussen


Mark L. Baer – USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers have a chance to close out 2012 on a positive note and hopefully gain some momentum heading into 2013.

The Cavaliers are currently just 5-22 and have won only 1 game  out of the last 10. But while things look bad right now, Cavaliers fans should have some hope that the team can pick up some wins to close out 2012.

First of all, fans need to remember that the team is healthier now than it has been in several weeks. Guards Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters are both back in the lineup after missing several games with injuries, and they are both key to the team’s success. Anderson Varejao did miss the last game due to an injury, but hopefully that problem was minor.

The two young guards have their flaws at times, such as Irving’s defense and Waiters’ shot selection, but both are dynamic players who can help the team find its way.

Also, big men Tyler Zeller and Tristan Thompson are both contributing and improving, and Varejao is playing like an All-Star when healthy. The Cavaliers need him to stay healthy and stay on the floor this year.

This team has some talent and hopefully will start putting things together soon. The Cavaliers play five games to finish up December, and they have a realistic chance to win at least four of them.

On Friday, the Cavaliers host the Indiana Pacers. The Pacers have struggled on offense this year, and if the Cavaliers can play solid defense and frustrate the Pacers on one end of the court while Irving and Waiters lead the Wine and Gold on offense, the Cavaliers have a shot to win.

On Saturday, the Cavaliers go on the road to take on the Milwaukee Bucks. The Bucks have beaten the Cavaliers twice this year already, and the Cavaliers did not play well in the last game. The players should be motivated to come out much better in this game and try to take down the Bucks.

Next week, the Cavaliers will get a late Christmas present when they go on the road to play the Washington Wizards on Dec. 26. The Wizards are the only team with a worse record than the Cavaliers, and the Cavaliers blew them out to start the season.

And then on Friday, Dec. 28, the Cavaliers return home to play another team they have beaten (there aren’t many of them so far), when the Atlanta Hawks come to town. This could be another win and things could start looking up for the Wine and Gold.

On Saturday, Dec. 29, though, things will most likely take a turn for the worse when the Cavaliers finish off the back-to-back nights and 2012 with road game against the Brooklyn Nets. That game is probably a loss,  but if the Cavaliers can build up some momentum heading into that night, anything can happen.

The point is, the schedule is easing up for the rest of the month and the Cavaliers are relatively healthy.  It’s time to see some improvement and a few more wins.


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