Cleveland Cavaliers Need To Improve Soon Or Byron Scott Will Have To Go

By Nick Claussen
Mark L. Baer -USA TODAY Sports


If the Cleveland Cavaliers don’t start winning soon, management will need to look more closely at if Byron Scott is the right coach to lead this team.

The Cavaliers are currently just 5-22 and look to be headed toward another terrible season. Scott leads a team that is very young and inexperienced, and the youth often shows late in the games and leads to losses. In addition, the Cavaliers have had a rash of injuries already this season, and that has made things tough.

But shouldn’t the Cavaliers be better than 5-22, and shouldn’t Scott be receiving at least some criticism for the way the team has played?

Now in his third season with the Cavaliers, Scott is a very good basketball coach who turned the New Orleans Hornets and the New Jersey Nets both into winners. He guided the Nets to the NBA Finals twice and led the team during its most successful time in franchise history. He also helped to lead the Hornets to the playoffs, and had that team looking like contenders for a time.

Scott came to Cleveland when Lebron James left town and the team was essentially blown up, and he has had to start over with a group of young players made up of high draft picks and a few undrafted players, along with a few veterans.

He understandably has not had a lot of talent to work with, but in year three you’d expect that the team would be playing better than this. The Cavaliers do have some talent after all.

Right now, the team simply cannot get defensive stops when needed and often cannot get points late in games. It’s hard to say how much of that is on the players and how much is on the coaches, but at least some of it should be on the coaches,

I like Scott a lot and I thought he was the right hire. I still think he will turn things around, but the Cavaliers need to start showing some progress soon on both ends of the court and in the wins column, or management is going to have to make a coaching change.


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