Doomsday Came Early For Dallas Mavericks

By Derek Ayala
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The world may have not ended, but the Dallas Mavericks world did. The Mavs lost at home to the Miami Heat 110-95.

Granted the team was without Elton Brand, Derek Fisher and Brandan Wright due to injuries. However, that was not the reason why the Mavs lost this game.

It keeps happening loss after loss. The constant three-point shooting when it’s obvious they aren’t falling. The Mavs were 3-22 (13.6%) from beyond the arc. That number is unacceptable. There’s no reason to keep throwing up threes when it is not going in after the tenth try.

It wasn’t just one person who was missing from the field, it was pretty much the whole team. O.J. Mayo, Vince Carter, Darren Collison and the rest. It did not matter who was shooting tonight.

Mayo only had four points going into the third and he only finished with eight points. Collison got a start tonight, but only scored 11 points and had five assists. Even Carter, who has been very well from the bench, only had 10 points tonight.

The fact that the leading scorer for the Mavs was by Jae Crowder, who had 15 points, shows that the Mavs had no chance in this game. The poor shooting got them in trouble from the start. The game got so out of hand that the Heat were actually up by 35 at one point.

This makes it the fourth time in five games that the Mavs have lost, and they have fallen to 12-14 to begin the season. Now they will be on a three game road trip to face, Memphis Grizzlies, San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City Thunder.

That means that the Mavs could easily come back with a 12-17 record. With they way they are playing right now it would not be surprising if they go 0-3 on the road trip.

It is looking like this team is worn out. It looks like that they are in need of a superstar to help them get out of this slump.

It may still be another week or two before Dirk Nowitzki returns. Until then this team will need to suck it up and step it up. There is no point in having him return if the Mavs keep falling further away from the even .500 mark.

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