Dwight Howard: Is He Right For the Los Angeles Lakers?

By David Charnley
Howard Smith-US Presswire

After the end of one of the biggest trade sagas in recent years, Los Angeles Lakers finally won their long hunt of acquiring Dwight Howard.

The Lakers suffered a tough end to the 2011/12 season and despite returning from an injury Lakers fans demanded that they got their man.

The wish came true in the summer and the six-time NBA all-star and three time defensive player of the year arrived in the city of Angels. With Steve Nash and bench players such as Jodie Meeks and Antwan Jamison the future of LA basketball was meant to be good.

Coming up to the new year and a third of the way through the season the season has planned out somewhat different to what they expected.

Dwight Howard, despite averaging 19 points per game and 12 rebounds a game Howard has yet to set the court on fire and the numbers he is setting are not true to his potential.

Howard has been a lone 2nd in attempts only once and in 5 of the games has been either 4th or 5th in field goal attempts.  Sounds strange, huh? Why wouldn’t you want the player who leads our team in field goal percentage (.576%) shooting the ball more? This has to play a factor in the Lakers recent woes going 4-6 in December and finding their record under .500.

Howard has the potential and talent to control the post-game. Howard has yet to be a vocal point in the offense and is having limited amount of shots, this needs to be addressed.

When a player like Kobe Bryant is such a vocal point in the offense it is going to change the way you play your own game.

Former Laker Andrew Bynum knows this problem very well and had words of advice for the new center.

“He’s going to get accustomed to playing with Kobe obviously, and not touching the ball every single play”.

Howard knows that like many of the men on his team he is not being utilized to his full potential, and the fact that he is continuing only draws admiration for his professionalism.

With the return of Steve Nash to the team this problem could yet still be addressed and Howard will have an increase of touches of the ball in the paint.

Instead of Mike D’Antoni focusing on tweaking the offense, different rotations, and getting open looks on the floor, maybe it is time for to start looking down other avenues and pulling for the Dwight Solution.

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