DeMarcus Cousins Continues To Show Immaturity In Sacramento

By Riley Schmitt
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

DeMarcus Cousins has the talent to be one of the best players in basketball. He is simply that good. If he ever had his head on straight, he would be unstoppable. However, it appears that will never happen. The Sacramento Kings would not let him sit on the bench during the second half of Friday’s game, which means something happened again.

I am a big Cousins fan, as strange as that sounds.  I really want to see him succeed but he keeps getting in his own way.  He was the same way in college.  A lot of people were unsure how good he could be, simply because his attitude would always slow him down.  It appears the Kings are simply not the place for him.

At this point, you have to trade him.  The team is in a spiral and they might need to get something for him before it is way too late.  There will be a market for him, but you have to act fast.  If it appears that the team is simply trying to give him away, they will not get anything resembling equal value for him.

A trade might be best for both parties.  Cousins could shape up in a new town and the team will be rid of a distraction.  Sad to say, but it is true.

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