Have The Washington Wizards Quit?

By Thomas Jones


Brad Mills – US Presswire

Sometimes, there aren’t words to describe the play of the Washington Wizards. They remind you more of a D-League team, not a team representing a city in the NBA. All of their best players are either out with injuries or playing hurt. Even the players the Wizards consider their best still are not considered stars in a league where it’s hard to win without one. Watching this team play, especially against the lowly Detroit Pistons, should let owner Ted Leonsis know he has more work to do than originally thought.

There comes a point in time when you have to wonder if your team has quit on you. The NBA season has yet to reach it’s halfway point but the Wizards went from a team falling just short on most nights to looking downright embarrassing. Randy Whittman doesn’t appear to even know what to say most times. Ernie Grunfeld can’t still believe this team is on the right track. He can’t honestly look at a team with only two maybe three tradable assets outside of John Wall as a team that is on the right track. If no other team covet your players, that says an awful lot about your roster.

The most difficult part about this Wizards team is it may be unfair to judge until Wall is healthy enough to play and everyone eventually slides into their rightful roles. The painful part, having to witness what may be rivaling last years Charlotte Bobcats team as the worst in NBA history.

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