Iman Shumpert's "Th3 #Post90s" Mixtape Review (Part 1)

By Thomas Duffy
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Iman Shumpert of the New York Knicks is more than just a successful NBA guard. He is also an up and coming rapper, and has released a mixtape called “Th3 #Post90s,” (pronounced “the post 90’s) under the name 2wo 1ne (pronounced “two one;” 21 is his jersey number).

I reviewed the first 10 tracks of Shumpert’s 21 track debut below:

1) Ridin’ – 2/5 – This is your average song. It has kind of a catchy hook, but is not a hit. Shumpert also sounds like he is about to fall asleep over the monotonous beat.

2) Knockin’ 3/5– A hypnotizing beat blares are Shumpert and Ari Stylez trade verses on the second track of the tape. The chorus is repetitive, yet appealing. This is one that could be heard bumping out of car speakers in the city.

3) Do You Love Me 4/5 – This is a true song. Shumpert questions a potential lover as to whether his love for her is reciprocated. A simple, clean piano couples with a barrage of drums and snaps to provide a nice tune with actually meaningful lyrics.

4) Progress 4.5/5 – Shumpert samples the legendary Notorious BIG for a hook on track number 4. The Knicks star talks about how he came from simple roots to a Hollywood lifestyle.

5) #Anarchy 2/5 – The mixtape drops off at track number 5, with an annoying beat overshadowing quality lyrics from Shumpert and Phlyyb B.

6) PAIN 4.5/5 – The only reason that this song doesn’t get the whole 5 star rating is because the beat doesn’t match the passion that is in Shumpert’s lyrics. He is talking about his affection for a deceased Aunt, and the pain and love in his voice is clear.

7) I Made It 3/5 – A heavy bass sets the background for the club-type song that features Trouble. Shumpert talks about his journey to the top of stardom.

8) Th3 Connect 4/5 – Shumpert, who is signed by Adidas, uses the beat of Run DMC’s “My Adidas,” in a rap that is basically an advertisement for the “three stripes,” as he calls the brand. Who doesn’t like a little throwback?

9) I Love Music 3.5/5 – Jay Z, MGMT, Usher, Frank Ocean, Trey Songz, and Lupe Fiasco are mentioned in a song that is a shout out to Shumpert’s musical inspirations. He says at the end of the short song, “I just love music.”

10) Perfect Woman 3/5 – Billionz croons a catchy hook over a track that has a reggae feeling to it. Shumpert talks about the women that he has encountered in his time as an NBA player, and the best aspects of each one.

Well there you have it, that is my take on tracks 1-10 on Shumpert’s debut. Keep an eye out for part 2 of “Th3 #Post90s” mixtape review!

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