Sacramento Kings Suspending DeMarcus Cousins Is The Right Move

By Riley Schmitt
Richard Mackson USA TODAY SPORTS

DeMarcus Cousins could be the best player in basketball. However, it is more likely that he ends up out of the league because he simply can’t grow up. He had a blow up on Friday night so the Sacramento Kings decided to suspend the extremely talented player.

I said last night that the team should probably try to trade him before it is too late.  Right now is the perfect time to move him, even if you end up selling low on him.  If he is going to continue acting like a brat, then the team has no need for him.  All the talent in the world does not matter if you keep destroying your team from the inside.

I really want to like Cousins.  I see all the talent he has and he could absolutely give you a 25/15 if he was able to mature.  However, he just does not want to do that.  He can do almost anything on a court but it is like he refuses to let his talent take over.  He wants to do things on his terms and they are often the wrong terms.  That is something that simply can’t happen these days.

This is probably the best move that the team has made in a while.  They decided to deal with this issue as fast as possible.  Who knows when we see him again.

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