DeMarcus Cousins Suspended, Desperately Needs To Be Traded

By Kaylyn Neely
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Yahoo! Sports, Adrian Wojnarowski reports that, “The Kings have suspended DeMarcus Cousins “indefinitely,” team says.“

Cousins did not return to the bench after halftime last tonight against the Los Angeles Clippers. He was reportedly told to stay in the locker room.

Sam Amick of USA Today reports that:

Two people with knowledge of the incident told USA TODAY Sports that nothing of a physical nature occurred between Cousins and his coach and that the yelling went back and forth between both men. Cousins, according to one of the people, used extensive profanity while sharing his latest frustrations.

This altercation occurred two weeks after Cousins received a one-game suspension for punching O.J. Mayo, who responded to the incident by telling reporters that he believes Cousins “has some mental issues.”

Last season, Cousins called out Blake Griffin, who made a joke about the comments and then left it alone. Mostly, because Cousins was kind of right.

Cousins has had problems with coaches and other players throughout his entire NBA career. Although, he is the Sacramento Kings best player and the guy that they hope to develop their mess of an organization around, it’s time for Cousins to request a trade. For real this time.

He is clearly not the leader that the Kings want him to be. He is not a franchise player. At least, not yet.

Cousins needs an accomplished, seasoned, veteran who can nurture him into this role. In his defence, he is probably the only young All-Star who does not have a veteran leader to mentor him. Rajon Rondo has Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. Griffin and DeAndre Jordan have Chris Paul and Chauncey BillupsAnthony Davis has Ryan Anderson. None of these players were pushed into leadership positions they weren’t ready for the way that Cousins has been.

Despite the fact the Kings are a complete gong show, they should have spent the money on a franchise player to help Cousins reach his full potential. Since the Kings have gone a different way to deal with his behavioural issues, he needs to get out of Sacramento.


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