Demarcus Cousins: Would Celtics Have Interest?

By Rob Lunder
Boston Celtics, Sacramento Kings
Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

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The Sacramento Kings have had a number of issues lately with forward Demarcus Cousins and recent reports have suggested that the Boston Celtics will make a play for the disgruntled franchise cornerstone.  One potential deal that has been thrown out there by the media has been Cousins and Tyler Honeycutt to Boston for Avery Bradley, Jared Sullinger, Fab Melo, and a first round pick.  Would the Celtics do this?  Is it a good deal for the team?

This would be a great trade for the Celtics under the assumption that Doc Rivers is carrying his usually fantastic spray and can wipe off the stink that is Cousins.  There is no denying how talented he is, easily one of the 20 to 25 most talented players in the NBA.  However, the guy is a complete head case and has caused problems wherever he has been.  If John Calipari is frustrated with you, then you know you have problems.

This would be a tough chore for Rivers to fix but if there were ever a guy to do it, it is him.  He is great at relating to his players and would do wonders for Cousins.

The problem with this trade is giving up Bradley.  Of course the Kings would want him; they haven’t had a true defensive players in years and Bradley would be a great fit for their back-court.  It would appear that the Celtics would part with him if it meant getting a player of Cousin’s caliber back in return.

The Kings probably will not trade Cousins but if they do you can bet that the GM Danny Ainge will contact Kings GM Geoff Petrie immediately.

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