NBA Detroit Pistons

Detroit Pistons’ Charlie Villanueva Making Dramatic Comeback

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

.Charlie Villanueva seems to be making a comeback of sorts for the Detroit Pistons

 In recent games, Villanueva has been among the big threats for the Pistons off the bench. In Saturday’s 96-87 NBA victory over the Washington Wizards, Villanueva had just under 22 minutes of court time and scored 19 points. He was 8-of-13 from the floor and 3-of-6 in 3-point attempts.

“We had a lot of big plays. I thought our bench was huge,” said coach Lawrence Frank.Rodney (Stuckey), Charlie (Villanueva), Will (Bynum) I thought all made some really big plays. We couldn’t have won the game without them.”

“Our guys that came in did a good job of coming in and doing what they do, picking up where other guys left off,” said Pistons center Greg Monroe. “They made some big plays for us down the stretch for sure.”

Early in the season, it was debatable if Villanueva would be seeing any action at all. He has now seen action in 20 games. He’s likely to see more playing time if he keeps scoring.

For Stuckey, it’s no big deal seeing Villanueva do his thing.

“Me and Charlie Villanueva have been here for about three or four years now,” Stuckey said. “We have played a lot in the past so I know what he can do. It’s pretty much easy when he sets a pick and his defender helps off, he’s open for a shot. It’s all about watching what his defender is doing.

“He just opens up a lot of things for me. They are worried about him popping but at the same time they are worried about me turning the corner so it helps me out tremendously.”