Mike D'antoni Needs To Be Consistent For The Los Angeles Lakers To Be Consistent

By Jamieson Welsh
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Mike D’Antoni has one of the most prized jobs in all of sports and that is being the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. This Lakers team like most is highly talented and presents itself with a unique roster that is unlike any other in the NBA. The talent is there to make a run at a championship, but can Coach D’Antoni make the right decisions and adjustments for that to take place?

Even though Coach D’Antoni has been on the job for just a few weeks he is having a problem adjusting to his personnel. As we all know he prefers an up-tempo pace that gets most possessions possible in a game. With the Lakers there is a slower roster and the pieces don’t fit what the coach wants to do.

In order for this team to be successful the coach has to tailor his offensive philosophy around the talent he has. Playing an extremely quick up-tempo pace of basketball isn’t going to work against younger teams that share the same philosophy. The Lakers are more suited for a half court setting and trying to out execute teams rather than trying to out run them.

I will give Coach D’Antoni a break to an extent because he just got Steve Nash back and the lineup has had several changes due to injuries since he took the job. At the same time he knew what he was getting himself into from the start. This is his third full-time NBA coaching job and if he can’t win with this collection of talent I am going to have to question his coaching ability. All the great coaches coach to the strength of their teams.

Hopefully D’Antoni realizes that before it’s too late. You only get so many chances to coach teams this talented let’s hope he doesn’t mess this up.

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