Month of Losing Bringing Little Holiday Cheer to Charlotte Bobcats

By Cody Williams
Gerald Henderson Jeffery Taylor
Kyle Terada – USA Today Sports Images

There were happier times this season for the Charlotte Bobcats. Through the first 24 days of November, things looked like they might be falling into place for this franchise. They held a comfortable 7-5 record, seemed to be in-sync and looked poised to be a dark-horse playoff team.

Oh, how a month can change the fortunes of a team.

In the month from November 24 to this eve of Christmas, the Bobcats have reeled off 15 consecutive losses. Not only have they been on this losing streak, but they have seemed to fall apart.

Charlotte has lost games by playing poor offensively. They’ve lost games by playing poor defensively. They’ve lost games by not being able to execute their game-plan down the stretch.

The Bobcats look like they are in shambles as a team. What looked like a franchise on the verge of changing their losing-culture at the start of the season has since regressed to their old ways.

These long losing streaks have been an epidemic for the Bobcats. Between this season and last year, this is the third losing streak that Charlotte has had of 14 games or more.

That’s one of the biggest issues with, not just this particular roster, but the Charlotte Bobcats franchise. They’ve become so accustomed to losing that they are almost indifferent when it happens.

What the Bobcats need is to change the culture surrounding their organization. They need to not only win some games, but also believe that they aren’t, essentially, losers.

It’s been proven time and again in sports that a team can change their fortunes by instituting the right mentality within their franchise. That’s what needs to happen in Charlotte.

The past month has been a rough one for the Bobcats. For Christmas, the front-office, the coaches and the players need to convene and talk about changing who they are as an organization.

This may not only end this current losing streak, but it also may end Charlotte’s incessant losing ways.

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