The Importance Of Steve Nash

By Jamieson Welsh
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

When the Los Angeles Lakers fired Mike Brown and hired Mike D’Antoni in early November that immediately implied that this is Steve Nash’s team. Once Nash got hurt we saw the team struggle because they didn’t have a top flight point guard to run the offense that is tailored to what Nash does best.

During his absence, the team struggled in many ways but the biggest thing they missed with him out of the lineup was leadership. Nash is the players that can make everyone feel comfortable on and off the court.

He is a likable guy and he has built solid chemistry wherever he has gone. On this Lakers team that has a lot of new faces they need to find chemistry sooner rather than later.

On the court Nash keeps the offense organized because he is smart and has a pass first mindset. Also he has a lot of experience in this offense from his Phoenix Suns days. As far as playmakers go Nash is the best one the Lakers have and he has more weapons than ever before. His main job is getting the best out of everyone offensively not named Kobe Bryant because we know he can get his own shot whenever he wants.

Nash is the most important player on this Lakers team for many reasons but he will keep guys involved in the game mentally and statistically and that’s very important. Also this is his offense; he knows how to utilize everyone’s role for the betterment of the team.

So it is kind of scary to say this but the Lakers most important player is a 38 year old point guard who is coming off a broken leg. Hopefully for the Lakers he can stay healthy and play at a high level.

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