Brooklyn Nets Will Be More Dangerous With a Healthy Brook Lopez

By John Raffel
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Brook Lopez has returned to the Brooklyn Nets from a foot sprain and they’re more than delighted to have their talented forward back in the lineup earlier this month.

Lopez missed seven games during which time the Nets were 2-5. If he stays healthy, the Nets will only be a better ballclub than they are now.

Combine Lopez with Joe Johnson and Gerald Wallace and the Nets are a very good ball team. Lopez could sense that in a recent 107-105 NBA overtime victory over the Detroit Pistons.

“It was great, Joe was killing it, G (Gerald Wallace) was doing his thing. When we had to, we made the big plays,” Lopez said. “It was great, I felt very good there with no problem. I was just happy to be out there playing with my guys.”

The Nets have wisely been cautious in how much  they play Lopez and held him back from a recent overtime.

“I felt like I could, but the decision wasn’t up to me so we’ll see. It honestly felt great,” he said.

In recent games, Lopez has been very impressive. Two days before Christmas, in the Nets’ win over the Philadelphia 76ers, he had 14 points and seven rebounds. He had 17 points the previous two games in a loss to the New York Knicks and the Utah Jazz and had 10 boards against the Jazz.

He does need to work on his shooting, considering he’s below 50 percent. But after 19 games, Lopez is averaging an impressive 17.5 points and seven rebounds per game.

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