What A Difference A Year Makes For Metta World Peace

By Jamieson Welsh
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

A year ago Metta World Peace was 275 pounds and not even in the Los Angeles Lakers starting lineup. Peace struggled last season for many reasons but mostly it was all weight concerned. He had to play himself into shape which was difficult because the season was short and there was very little practice time. There were points last season where he couldn’t even dunk the ball and struggled to defend the perimeter guys which is his strong suit.

Fast forward to this season and a new coach, Peace has gotten himself into great shape and has put up his best season since his Sacramento Kings days. He is also one of the few players that the Lakers can count on night in and night out to come to play as hard as possible.

Peace has also benefited from being in great condition by being able to play multiple positions and is helping Coach Mike D’Antoni being able to be more flexible with the lineup choices. He has even played some power forward this season because he helps spread the floor and he is able to guard a lot of forwards in the league.

A year ago I thought Peace was going down a similar path of Lamar Odom, who is out of shape and is barely in the league. Now Peace has played very well and has been a bright spot for a struggling team.

All his stats are up from the last few years but more importantly he is making a huge impact in games. As a Laker, Peace hasn’t always been the ideal fit but he has always played hard and brought it when it mattered.

Now that he is in shape and playing the best he has in years hopefully Peace can lead the charge for a Lakers turnaround.

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