Detroit Pistons' Kyle Singler Frustrated With Losing

By John Raffel
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Singler didn’t come to the Detroit Pistons with the idea of being on a losing team.

But like it or not, he’s on a team that’s 9-22 and would only win the rest of their games if it could play the Washington Wizards the rest of the way.

Singler, who has had his own personal ups and downs as an NBA player, is trying to stay as upbeat as possible.

“It’s frustrating when you don’t win but we’ve given ourselves opportunities to win so that is optimistic or however you want to look at it,” he said. “When you don’t win it’s frustrating and for us as a team we want to win.”

Prior to winning two straight over the Wizards, the Pistons had lost at the Toronto Raptors and it was an effort that called into question Singler’s effectiveness as a defensive player and his team’s potential on that side of the ball. Singler is still starting for the Pistons but his consistency has been questionable.

“I felt like they made tough shots, but for me personally, if guys make shots I take full responsibility,” Singler said. “I don’t think my defense was that great but they did make good shots.

“It was just one of those games where I felt like whatever I did there was going to be a foul called, not saying the refs were bad or anything, I was just put in a position to give the guy some space and he just made some tough shots.”

Singler is wisely getting to the point where he realizes you really can’t take anything positively from a win, not when you’re 9-21.

“We’ve just got to learn how to win in the fourth quarter,” he said. “Someone mentioned to me that we are 0 and 17 when we are trailing in the fourth quarter so I’m not quite sure how we are going to get there but we’ve got to learn how to manage the fourth quarter better as a team and learn how to win.”


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