Oklahoma City Thunder Have Work To Do

By Andy Schmidt
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The biggest game on the Christmas Day schedule in the National Basketball Association saw something that NBA fans got very familiar with last season in the Finals as the Miami Heat beat the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Thunder has to come up with a different plan against Miami if they play again in the Finals, because what they are doing now just isn’t working. Miami is proving yet again that it is at the top of the class in the NBA.

The biggest problem for the Thunder during this game was Miami being able to get into the lane way too much for easy shots, and if the Heat is able to do that on a consistent basis, they are hard to beat. Everyone knows that LeBron James is a handful, but allowing James to nearly get a triple-double isn’t making life easier. Oklahoma City needs their stars to consistently step up as well like Russell Westbrook, but more of the problems are in the interior of the Thunder defense.

Oklahoma City should make it back to the Western Conference Finals without any major issues, but there will be teams with strong interior play in their own conference including the Los Angeles Clippers, who own the NBA’s best record right now. If the Thunder want to have a chance to play the Heat again in the Finals, they have to fix the inside game before the playoffs come along. It is easier said than done when the team has been successful doing what they have been doing but it is something that has to change sooner than later.

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