Trap Game Could Await the Miami Heat vs the Charlotte Bobcats

By Daniel Carpio
Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports


The combination of working during the holidays and taking a road trip is enough to tire anyone.

The Miami Heat are in that very spot right now.

After a Christmas Day classic against the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Heat are on the road tonight against the Charlotte Bobcats in their first matchup of the 2012-13 NBA season.

Both teams are coming into the game from completely different directions. The Heat are riding a five-game winning streak and currently has the third best record in the league. The Bobcats, on the other hand, have lost 15 games in a row, the last three being blowouts. That has earned Charlotte the fourth worst record in the NBA.

Normally a game like this would be considered an automatic win for Miami, but there are factors that could make it a trap game for the team.

First, there is the intensity of how the Heat and Thunder played on Christmas Day. The game between the two had the feel of a Finals series and that can take a lot out of a team. Second, there is Miami’s tendency to play down to their opponents. This has been a habit for the Heat since the ‘Big 3’ era began and it has cost them some winnable games. Finally there is the fact that the Bobcats haven’t played since December 22, leaving them well rested for tonight’s game.

The Heat have the much better team and should be able to easily overpower the Bobcats.

However, it won’t be surprising at all if they lose tonight.


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