2012-13 NBA Dream Dunk Contest

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NBA Dunk Contest: Top Five Dream Contestants of 2012-13

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The dunk. The slam. The jam. It is one of the most exciting plays in all of sports, and nothing celebrates the dunk better than the NBA Sprite Slam Dunk Contest. Back in the day, Michael Jordan, Spudd Webb, Dominique Wilkins, and Vince Carter excited and invigorated crowds with feats that no one had ever seen before.

Nate Robinson won the contest in both ’09 and ’10, as he dawned the New York Knicks St. Patrick’s Day green jersey, as well as other green accessories, to symbolize that he was the “kryptonite” to Dwight Howard’s Superman persona.

However, in recent years, the contest has become somewhat dull. Players that don’t even see regular minutes in NBA games are participants in the contest because there are less and less superstars doing it. However, I began to wonder what the 2012-13 contest would be like if the fans got to chose who participated.

The days are done when the 3PT Shootout, Rookie/Sophomore Game, and Celebrity Game (come on, now- the Celebrity Game!?) overshadow what is supposed to be the most exciting event for fans. Let’s put some life back into the Dunk Contest. If you don’t believe me that the Contest is fading, please tell me what team Jeremy Evans (the 2011-12 winner) plays for, without looking it up (Answer: Utah Jazz). Evans is averaging 2.2 PPG, 0.3 APG, and 1.8 RPG- just saying.

Who made the cut? Well, there are two former winners of the contest, and three others who have never done it before despite their fans pining for them to do so. Keep reading to find out who would be in the 2012-13 Dream NBA Slam Dunk Contest!

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5. Russell Westbrook

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Russell Westbrook is one of the most passionate players in the NBA. On defense, he claps and harasses his man. On offense he drives, shoots, distributes, follows his shot, and does whatever he can to score. When he scores, he celebrates, often excessively, but the passion in his game is unparalleled.

If Westbrook was in the Dunk Contest, it would be wild. He is only 6’3”, but has a vertical of 36 inches. The dude can fly.

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4. Gerald Green

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Gerald Green is a ridiculous dunker. He is the guy that hrew down that mind boggling windmill jam off of an alley oop pass from MarShon Brooks last season. Green dunks over people with such power and force that defenders cower when he takes flight.

Green is also experienced at the Dunk Contest. Although he is not a well known superstar in the NBA, he has won the 2005 McDonalds All American Slam Dunk Contest, 2007 NBA Dunk Contest, and finished 2nd in the 2008 Contest. Winning the contest twice would solidify Green in All-Star Weekend history!

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3. Derrick Rose

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A healthy Derrick Rose is arguably the most exciting and most sought after sight in the NBA. Like Westbrook, D-Rose lacks height, but can soar. He is only 6’3”, but can jump out of the gym with his 40 inch vertical leap.

Rose is probably the most explosive PG in the NBA, with the exception of James and Westbrook. Keep in mind, this is a healthy Rose we are dealing with here. He has been plagued with injuries for the past two seasons, and picturing him in the dunk contest amplifies the anticipation for his return!

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2. Blake Griffin

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Blake Griffin is an NBA superstar, and is one of the most likeable players in the league. He won the 2011-12 Dunk Contest, jumping over a Kia car to win it in the final round. He is Kia’s leading spokesperson, and is putting out some of the funniest commercials on TV right now. Current Blake visits “young Blake,” and offers him advice on growing up (“stop wearing jean shorts,” “work on your foul shots…a lot,” etc.).

Griffin has posterized the likes of Pau Gasol, Timofey Mozgov, Kendrick Perkins, and Lamar Odom. Defenders scatter when they see Chris Paul lob a pass to a soaring Griffin.

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1. LeBron James

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LeBron James has said numerous times that he will not participate in the Dunk Contest. Ratings would absolutely skyrocket if he did, but fans everywhere are tired of seeing players compete that don’t even play in NBA games. Isn’t the All Star Weekend supposed to be about the fans?

James is the perfect dunker; he hammers it down with such velocity that fans clamor and yell as soon as an alley oop is thrown or he is open on a breakaway. Come on, LeBron, make the Dunk Contest relevant again. Give the fans what they want!

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