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Brooklyn Nets Fire Avery Johnson

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Avery Johnson did not get the Brooklyn Nets off to the start that everyone expected them to have.  That means that he is out of a job as the team decided to fire him on Thursday.  There is a lot of speculation as to why and we will get to that after the jump.

John Schuhmann ‏@johnschuhmann

Official word… RT @Nets_PR: The Brooklyn Nets have relieved Avery Johnson of his head coaching duties, Nets GM Billy King announced.

Remember, Johnson was named the Coach of the Year two years ago, so something strange must have happened in these last 24 months.  I don’t like to point fingers but I can’t imagine that Deron Williams gave his coach a ringing endorsement.  His numbers were down across the board and it looked like he did not enjoy his coach.  It wouldn’t be the first time that he had a coach relieved of his duties.

Maybe this will give the team a jolt that they need.  They have simply not looked good at all this year.  They are playing too much isolation basketball and the team is stagnant most of the time. You are not going to beat good times by playing 1-on-1 the entire time.  You need some team concepts.

I have no idea about who they will attempt to hire but they need someone with a good offensive scheme.  It may be enough to save the season from the crushing disappointment that is on the tracks.  Keep an eye on this.