Brooklyn Nets Stunningly and Stupidly Fire Avery Johnson

By Dave Daniels
Avery Johnson pointing
Kyle Terada – US PRESSWIRE

Avery Johnson lost his job today.

Wow. This is a terrible move by the Brooklyn Nets. You’re firing a coach who gets along with his players and had a nice November. Then you after a night in which his superstar, Deron Williams, didn’t play. What? What happened Mikhail Prokhorov? You promised the Nets fans a championship in two years and this is not a championship move.

“The Nets ownership would like to express thanks to Avery for his efforts and to wish him every success in the future,” principal owner Mikhail Prokhorov said.

Avery Johnson didn’t get a fair shot. Deron Williams has praised his coach many times publicly; the players all seem to like him. Let me make one thing clear and I am qualified, as a reluctant life-long Washington Wizards fan, to say that this is incredible. Avery Johnson has turned Andray Blatche into a productive NBA player and Blatche really likes him. Watch the youtube video called “Andray Blatche- The Man Who Just Wanted A Triple-Double, and then tell me that that me Blatche’s turnaround isn’t a miracle.

Is Phil Jackson coming through that door? Because if he’s not then this will be an absolutely disastrous move for the Nets. You’re bringing in as an interim coach P.J. Carlesimo, who is not a proven winning head coach in the NBA. No offense to Carlesimo. He’s got to be excited to coach a roster this talented and I wish him the best of luck.

Johnson’s son, Avery Jr., tweeted about his father’s dismissal.

“The expectations were way to high for this team. We didn’t even have a losing record…. Didn’t even give my dad a full season. #OUTRAGE” he tweeted.
Avery Jr. went even further and called

“I’m sorry are best players couldn’t make open shots. Yeah that’s my dads fault totally…”

Avery Jr.’s words are good closure. Yeah, that’s Avery Johnson’s fault… totally.

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